Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

MidPen’s mission is grounded in our commitment to fostering diverse communities that allow people from all ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds to live in dignity, harmony, and mutual respect. Learn more about the journey and actions we are taking to realize our vision for DEIB.


Our Vision

MidPen aspires to integrate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) into every area of the organization – within our communities, in our offices, and everywhere in between

Our Approach

We seek out and address inequities, collaborate with community partners to advance equity and inclusion, and work to create and maintain a culture that prioritizes inclusion and experiences of belonging for everyone

DEIB in Action

Diversity is the range of human differences represented at MidPen – including various personal characteristics, races, cultural experiences, and points of view – that make MidPen who we are as an organization. Diversity illustrates all the unique ways in which we differ, and how those differences make MidPen stronger.

Equity is how we attain fairness and inclusion by considering different needs based on both historical and current disadvantages. We strive to meet the needs of MidPenners and residents. Equity is different from equality. With equality, everybody gets the same thing. With equity, resources are allocated and distributed based on different needs.

Inclusion is action. Inclusion is our everyday behavior and organizational norms that intentionally respect, appreciate, and make the most of the uniqueness that we bring – as individuals and groups – to MidPen.

Belonging is what happens when each MidPenner feels that they matter and are accepted unconditionally for who they are. Belonging turns “otherness” into “togetherness.”

Communication, Engagement & Culture

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging principles are embedded throughout the organization and within our culture.


Residents & Communities

We practice our values in our daily work with residents and in communities.


Leadership Development, Education & Learning

We strengthen leadership by investing in education, learning, and development.


Retention & Talent Acquisition

Our board and staff reflect the diversity of the region we serve.

Collective Voices for Equity
The Collective Voices for Equity Council was formed among employees in 2019 to embed, monitor, and celebrate DEIB principles at MidPen.

2024 Collective Voices for Equity Council

Selected through an extensive nomination process, council members are DEIB ambassadors from throughout the organization who share a passion for DEIB work and our mission. Meeting monthly, the Council engages in intensive learning and conversations to develop a framework to engage, educate, and ultimately embed DEIB into everything MidPen does internally and externally.

Board E&I Committee Chair Jennifer Martinez and Jennifer Ingram

To deepen the work of DEIB within MidPen, the Board of Directors formed the Board Equity and Inclusion Committee in May 2023 with the following areas of focus:

  • Individual Growth and Development
  • Culture
  • Expanded Board Integration – Cross Pollination
  • Organizational DEIB Monitoring

The Committee finalized its Equity and Inclusion Charter in 2024 to guide the direction of its DEIB work.

Members of the Board E&I Committee are Jennifer Martinez (Committee Chair), Yusef Freeman, Eric Harrison (Board Chair), Jennifer Hicks, and Elisa (deLaet) Jagerson.

Values Contracting Meeting

MidPen is committed to cultivating an inclusive procurement process to nurture resilient, innovative partnerships that are reflective of the communities we serve and create opportunities for stability and growth for historically marginalized vendors. Our Values Contracting Policy implements our DEIB Guiding Principles within our procurement and contracting practices.

Interested in joining our vendor community? We invite you to complete our Values Contracting, MidPen Supplier Diversity Program Form!

As an affordable housing developer, MidPen acknowledges the complex history behind land use and is committed to building relationships with Indigenous communities and finding opportunities to further allyship. In 2024, we created and adopted this Statement of Solidarity:
      Statement of Solidarity read at
      Bienestar Plaza’s Grand Opening
“We stand in solidarity with all Indigenous people and their right to self-determination, in alignment with our founding mission to foster diverse communities that allow people from all ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds to live in dignity, harmony, and mutual respect. We take this time to honor the land and the ancestors while also inviting others to join us in taking action by being in relationship with Indigenous communities and restoring balance to humanity and nature. We invite you to seek to understand ways we can collectively contribute to solutions and minimize the perpetuation of harm. We commit to working collaboratively with community partners and Native groups to collectively advance equity and inclusion toward the healing of the generational trauma and dispossession Native peoples have faced and continue to face.”

MidPen recognizes that an inclusive culture, where all team members feel respected and valued for who we are, enables us to do our best work. 

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups that honor diversity, promote a sense of belonging, and support inclusivity within the workplace. They focus on engaging employees from traditionally underrepresented groups who share a common identity.

Together, MidPen staff, residents, Board members, and community partners play an important role in creating more equitable and inclusive communities. To live out our mission as a company, we commit to being intentional in taking action to adopt and implement practices and behaviors that challenge us to:

  • Seek out and address inequities
  • Work collaboratively with community partners to collectively advance equity and inclusion
HPN CEO Robin Hughes and Jennifer Ingram

Our community partnerships include:

Housing Partnership Network (HPN): Racial Equity Steering Committee Member, Equity Pledge Signatory

Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH): DEI Working Group Member, Events Committee Member, Board Member

Housing California: Annual Meeting Proposal Review Committee

MidPenners at the Pride Parade
MidPenners at the Black Joy Parade
At MidPen, we are committed to applying our DEIB Guiding Principles to the work we do both internally and externally. Our culture is inclusive and welcoming and MidPen’s staff at all levels reflect the diversity of the areas we serve.  MidPen celebrates and promotes 10 cultural months of observance by hosting events and solidarity spaces, sharing resources, and providing prompts to encourage dialogue. For example, during Black History Month, MidPen invited team members to join the Oakland Black Joy Parade, and we highlighted Pride Month by taking part in San Francisco’s Pride Parade. 

In spring 2022, MidPen hired Jennifer A. Ingram, the company’s first-ever executive tasked with leading DEIB, who reports directly to CEO Matthew O. Franklin. With Jen’s leadership, the team has established the infrastructure and engagement to support the integration and sustainability of DEIB initiatives at MidPen.

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Staff who participate in DEIB activities are 10% more likely to rate MidPen as a Great Place to work
Great Place to Work Survey

*Data from May 2024