Fay Sien Goon

DirectorChief Accounting OfficerServiceNow
“I joined MidPen’s leadership team to be a helping hand in advancing its mission to provide safe and affordable housing to those in need and to make the Bay Area an attractive place to live for all walks of life.”

Fay Sien brings more than 15 years of experience in Finance and Accounting to MidPen’s Board of Directors. She joined in 2020 and Chairs the Audit committee.

As Chief Accounting Officer at ServiceNow, she leads, scales and transforms the accounting and finance operations function, leading the organization from $250 million in revenue to over $5 billion in revenue. Prior to joining ServiceNow, Fay Sien spent 11 years at Ernst & Young auditing large tech companies and leading complex accounting transactions.

Her high standards match her high-performing teams! Fay Sien leads with authenticity by bringing her true self to her role, encouraging others to grow themselves and their teams.

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