Our Residents

People are at the core of our work.

We serve people who need affordable homes in which to live healthy, productive lives and give back to their communities. This includes working families, seniors and individuals with special needs.

“It’s sobering to hear how hard it is to afford to live here in Santa Cruz County. But we’re doing something to address this critical issue, and it takes partners like MidPen Housing to develop affordable housing and serve residents in need.”

Supervisor John Leopold, 
County of Santa Cruz

In the San Francisco Bay Area, which consistently ranks among the top five most expensive places to live in our nation, the people who qualify for affordable housing play a vital role in creating a strong local economy and building community. Our residents fight fires, teach children, provide medical assistance, deliver mail, fix cars, assist customers at local retailers, and fulfill many other important roles.

Providing affordable housing for these valuable community members close to where they work not only benefits them, it benefits the health and welfare of our communities and our environment.

See how affordable homes change lives.

Meet some of our residents. Each of their stories is unique but they all demonstrate the difference that safe, stable, affordable housing makes in improving lives and pursuing dreams.

Jeannie’s story

“It just touches me; after all these years of being alone, I’m not alone anymore.”
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Marisa’s story

“Having this weight lifted off my shoulders has given me the ability to stand tall and reach higher.”
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Ron’s story

“living here at Onizuka Crossing leaves the door open to a second chance in life at age 64.”
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