Mary D.

Lives at Kottinger Gardens in Pleasanton.

A senior finally has a home to call her own, where she can remain independent and be an active part of the community.

Mary maintains her independence with affordable senior housing.

Mary is a longtime resident of the East Bay, having worked and raised her children in the area. A few years ago, she was living in an apartment in Pleasanton when two of her daughters suggested they all move in together into a rental house in Hayward. They could save money that way – living on our own was becoming unaffordable.

And although they did save some money, in some ways it was harder on the family – Mary was not used to a role reversal that came with living with her adult children. She wanted her independence. Plus, she was farther away from her job as a cashier at Walmart in Pleasanton, and the commute was taking a toll. The problem was, Mary now couldn’t find a place to go that was available and affordable for her.

One day, a coworker overheard Mary talking about the struggle to find an affordable place close to work, where she could live on her own. Mary’s coworker shared information about this new affordable community being re-built in Pleasanton, and helped Mary fill out an application.

Kottinger Gardens in Pleasanton

During the wait to hear if she’d been accepted, Mary kept feeling the crunch. She sought housing everywhere, and was almost in tears not knowing what would happen. There were many residents who were happy to return to Kottinger to move into their new homes, too, so Mary didn’t know how many apartments were left for new residents. She felt so fortunate her number was called. Mary finally had a place of her own to call home.

Mary says, “The first time I came to Kottinger Gardens and looked at my new apartment, I thought – I love it! It’s beautiful. It has everything I wanted in a place of my own, and I’m just minutes from work. All of my neighbors and fellow residents are so nice, and it seems like we’re all really happy here.”