Craig Yappert

Vice President, Information Technology
“The most effective technologies are the ones you never see but have a dramatic impact on the quality of a person’s everyday life. I’m privileged to bring these impactful solutions to MidPen’s team and the communities we serve.”

Craig joined MidPen Housing in late February of 2018 as Vice President of Information Technology. After spending over 30 years in the High Tech sector, the last 24 years with Oracle corporation, Craig joined MidPen with the goal of applying his wealth of experience in product management, solutions development and IT management to making the lives of MidPenners and our residents better through easy to use and impactful technology solutions.

Craig is a Californian born and bred. Having grown up in Watsonville and lived his entire life in the Bay Area, Craig has seen firsthand the economic changes affecting our communities and is looking forward to enabling the vision of MidPen for years to come.

Fun Fact

Craig is a total superhero nerd, as evidenced by a massive comic book collection avidly gathered over the past 40 years.