Kim Torres

Senior Director of Property Operations
“Working on lease ups, we get to be part of the design of our new developments, where we help provide safe and affordable housing to our new residents and with our residents in mind. It always humbles me to hear our applicant’s stories, where they come from–many of whom have been experiencing homelessness–and giving them a new start to their lives. It’s extremely rewarding.”

Kim oversees the teams that lease up all of MidPen’s new developments. This involves collaborating with internal and external departments, partners and agencies; creating operating and lease-up budgets; ensuring the success of the lease-ups, and addressing challenges and obstacles. At the end of the lease-up process, Kim enjoys seeing staff meet their goals and, more importantly, seeing new residents move into their brand-new units in beautiful buildings. 
Kim is an avid quilter who most likely will be watching a home renovation show while working on her latest cozy masterpiece. 

Fun Fact