MidPen Housing Launches New Five-Year Strategic Plan that Commits to Building 3,000 New Homes, Supporting Racial and Economic Inclusion

40 percent will be dedicated for formerly homeless and extremely low-income families and seniors
March 10, 2021

MidPen Housing, one of the most trusted nonprofit developers, owners and managers of high-quality affordable housing in Northern California, has released a new five-year strategic plan and Theory of Change.

As part of its new vision for 2021 and beyond, MidPen has committed to produce 3,000 new environmentally sustainable homes, with 40% of these dedicated for at-risk and extremely low-income people in both historically under-serve neighborhoods and those that provide more immediate access to equitable opportunity including high quality schools, jobs and transit.

MidPen Housing will advance a robust policy and advocacy agenda, prioritizing equitable, innovative and sustainable solutions to the housing crisis and associated priorities such as access to education, health and jobs for its residents.

“By advancing equity-centered housing policies, we can redress the harm done through unjust policies of the past –just as racist housing policies were drivers of the problem, equitable and just housing policies of the future can be the cure,” said Matt Franklin, President and CEO of MidPen Housing. “Our new strategic plan aims to solve the unprecedented housing affordability crisis in our region, a crisis exacerbated by growing inequity that is tearing at the fabric of communities, displacing vulnerable people, and threatening the vitality and diversity of our region. Empowering people and creating thriving, inclusive communities is the MidPen way.”

Fifty years ago, MidPen was founded upon the exact same mission it strives to fulfill today, to address racial segregation and discrimination in housing and inequities in economic development, education and healthcare.  The plan highlights emerging priorities with strategies that focus on our residents, Greater Bay Area residents in need of affordable housing, and the Greater Bay Area. 

MidPen’s new 5-year strategic plan aims to:

  • Produce 3,000 new environmentally sustainable homes, with 40% of these dedicated for at-risk and extremely low-income individuals, families and seniors.
  • Advance equity as a guiding principle of policy advocacy. Promote community-centered practices that intentionally address the legacies of disinvestment and inequality
  • Support residents in being successfully housed and empowered to achieve educational success, strengthen health and well-being, and build wealth.
  • Center our values of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in all talent decisions, policies and strategies
  • Reflect our diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging principles in our procurement and contracting policies and practices
  • Grow MidPen’s balance sheet to further enhance our ability to strategically invest in advancing equitable housing solutions throughout the Greater Bay Area


MidPen’s strategic plan can be found HERE.

See the video announcement HERE.