MidPen Strategic Plan

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Our Impact Pillars


Support residents as they achieve economic stability and mobility; strengthen educational opportunities; and reach their mental and physical health goals.

  1. Support residents in being successfully housed and empowered to achieve educational success, strengthen health and well-being, and build wealth.

  2. Foster inclusive communities where diversity is respected through policies and practices that reflect MidPen’s values and mission.

  3. Regularly and authentically engage residents in the design, delivery, and improvement of services.

  4. Engage values-aligned partners that deepen our collective expertise and allow us to reach more residents with best-in-class programs


Produce and Preserve housing that supports racial and economic inclusion, is cost-efficient, and is environmentally sustainable for those in greatest need.

  1. Produce 3,000 new environmentally sustainable affordable homes serving those in greatest need, ensuring rents are deeply discounted from the market.

  2. Reduce and prevent homelessness through support for short-term housing solutions and construction of permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless, at-risk and extremely low-income people by ensuring rents for 40% of all new homes produced are affordable to these households.

  3. Site, design, and construction of new housing in both historically under-served neighborhoods and those that provide more immediate access to equitable opportunity, including high-quality schools, jobs, and transit.

  4. Acquire and preserve naturally affordable housing to ensure that people who live and work in the community can remain in their homes.


Elevate sector leadership to advance a robust policy and advocacy agenda. Prioritize equitable, innovative and sustainable solutions to the housing crisis and associated priorities such as access to education, health and jobs.

  1. Galvanize public support for proven MidPen housing solutions. 

  2. Center public policy priorities on the production of housing for extremely low-income households and deepen engagement in solutions for homeless men, women, and children.

  3. Advance equity as a guiding principle of policy advocacy. Promote community-centered
    practices that intentionally address the legacies of disinvestment and inequality.

  4. Reform and expand affordable housing finance systems to better align with the need in our region. Advocate for housing stability and an environmentally sustainable system that addresses the severe imbalance in jobs and housing.


Invest in our people and create equitable opportunities fostering an inclusive environment that reflects the diversity of the region we serve.

  1. Attract, retain, motivate and invest in exceptional talent that enhances MidPen’s diversity at all levels of the organization, with particular focus on expanding the diversity of MidPen’s senior leadership.

  2. Create and foster a foundation of learning and individual development.

  3. Center our values of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in all talent decisions, policies and strategies.

  4. Increase awareness and foster a foundation of shared understanding and inspire employees to live our diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging principles.


Strengthen our organizational infrastructure, embed and practice our values and principles in our daily work to deliver stronger mission impact.

  1. Provide employees with the tools, resources, and opportunities to be empowered and supported in achieving operational excellence.

  2. Query and refine our policies and processes advancing housing and racial equity while upholding MidPen’s values and efficiently deepening mission impact.

  3. Strategically leverage our track record and operational platform to deepen our relationships with our partners, scale our solutions, and flexibly respond to new opportunities that reflect and uphold MidPen’s values.

  4. Reflect our diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging principles in our procurement and contracting policies and practices.


Ensure strong financial fundamentals; strengthen and expand access to new and innovative capital strategies while stewarding the organization towards long-term growth and sustainability.

  1. Grow MidPen’s balance sheet to further enhance our ability to strategically invest in advancing equitable housing solutions throughout the Greater Bay Area.

  2. Ensure that MidPen’s development pipeline is underwritten for long-term sustainability to serve those in greatest need throughout our region.

  3. Continue to equitably and strategically invest in MidPen’s portfolio of communities to ensure their long-term sustainability as permanently affordable housing.

  4. Embed diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging principles throughout our operations in our decision-making.