Advancing the Field

The need for affordable housing is greater than ever.  When MidPen opens a new community we commonly receive over 1000 applications per 50 homes. This means there are still thousands of working families and seniors living in substandard housing or left without money for other necessities after paying their rent.

We are committed to narrowing the gap between the supply of quality affordable housing and the need for it. We work with local, state and national leaders in both the public and private sectors to promote policies that increase affordable housing opportunities for the people who need them.

At all levels of our organization, MidPen supports and actively participates in the efforts of leading advocacy groups. Our President, Matt Franklin, sits on the board of regional, state and national organizations that drive legislation and regulations in support of affordable housing. He and other members of our leadership team are often called on to testify or provide expert advice on issues related to affordable housing policy and public funding.

Promoting State and Local Initiatives to Fund Affordable Housing

For several decades affordable housing production has been a very significant contributor to statewide construction activity, job creation and our overall economic health. Building affordable housing close to job centers has also helped to reduce road congestion and negative environmental impacts. With assistance from key statewide funding sources, affordable housing developers and the state have created hundreds of thousands of units and tens of thousands of jobs.

Unfortunately, today we are at great risk of destroying this vital sector of our economy. The funding from previous housing bonds is nearly all spent and with the dissolution of redevelopment agencies, our last significant source of local funding has been wiped out. We support legislative efforts to grant local governments the right to enforce inclusionary housing ordinances as a means to satisfy their housing needs for residents and workers of all income levels. Read more about our legislative priorities.

Supporting the LIHTC Program

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program is the most successful federal affordable housing production and preservation program in the nation’s history, financing over 260,000 homes in California alone. MidPen is one of the State’s most active participants – since 2006 we’ve used tax credits to fund 24 developments with almost 2,000 units. These include a variety of housing types – family, senior and special needs – across a number of regions and categories including rural and coastal regions, homeless, nonprofit and at-risk set-asides. MidPen advocates for federal legislation to strengthen the LIHTC program and regularly provides experience-based feedback to help shape statewide LIHTC policies.

Allies and Partnerships

MidPen staff members have board seats on and/or otherwise work with and support the following organizations. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn how you can get involved.