Advancing the Field

The need for affordable housing is greater than ever.  When MidPen opens a new community we commonly receive well over 1000 applications per 50 homes. This means there are still thousands of working families and seniors living in substandard housing or left without money for other necessities after paying their rent.

We are committed to narrowing the gap between the supply of quality affordable housing and the need for it. We work with local, state and national leaders in both the public and private sectors to promote policies that increase affordable housing opportunities for the people who need them.

At all levels of our organization, MidPen supports and actively participates in the efforts of leading advocacy groups. Our President and CEO, Matt Franklin, sits on the board of regional, state and national organizations that drive legislation and regulations in support of affordable housing. He and other members of our leadership team are often called on to testify or provide expert advice on issues related to affordable housing policy and public funding.

Election 2018: An Opportunity to Narrow the Gap

On November 6th 2018 the greater San Francisco Bay Area has an unprecedented opportunity to secure significant revenue to create new affordable homes at a time when the need has never been greater. If passed, the below measures would collectively generate over $7 Billion in affordable housing funds. MidPen endorses these and encourages voters to cast their ballots in support of them:



What this will do:
Prop 1 is a $4 billion general obligation bond that will allow our state to re-invest in our communities and create affordable housing for veterans, families, and seniors.

This prop needs 51% YES votes to pass! 
Learn more about Yes on Prop 1



What this will do:
Prop 2 will authorize $2 billion in previously appropriated funding in order to create supportive housing for people suffering from chronic homelessness, people with disabilities, and people living with mental illness.

This prop needs 51% YES votes to pass! 
Learn more about Yes on Prop 2



What this will do:
Prop 10 will allow local jurisdictions to adopt local rent control measures, giving renters protections against huge and unexpected rent increases while ensuring that landlords receive a fair rate of return with reasonable yearly increases.

This prop needs 51% YES votes to pass! 
Learn more about Yes on Prop 10



Santa Cruz County

What the measure will do:
Measure H authorizes a $140 million general obligation bond for more affordable housing opportunities in Santa Cruz County, including the creation of more affordable housing with supportive services, down-payment assistance for first time homebuyers, and help for employers affected by shortage of affordable workforce and farmworker housing.

This measure needs 67% YES votes to pass! 
Learn more about Yes on Measure H


City of San Jose

What the measure will do: 
Measure V authorizes a $450 million general obligation bond to create more affordable housing options and opportunities for residents of San Jose, including low income families, teachers and other workers, and the City’s most vulnerable residents.

This measure needs 67% YES votes to pass!
Learn more about Yes on Measure V


City of Santa Rosa

What the measure will do: 
Measure N authorizes a $124 million general obligation bond to provide affordable housing opportunities for low- and middle-income residents; supportive housing for the homeless; and help displaced families in Santa Rosa rebuild after last year’s devastating fires.

This measure needs 51% YES votes to pass!
Learn more about Yes on Measure N


Napa County:
Measure D in Calistoga
Measure E in St. Helena
Measure F in Napa
Measure H in American Canyon
Measure I in unincorporated areas of the County
Measure S in Yountville

What the measures will do: 
Napa County voters will have the opportunity to raise revenue to create more affordable housing by passing a hotel tax (also known as a Transient Occupancy Tax, or TOT) which will raise an estimated $4.76 million annually for affordable housing and homeless programs in the County. This collective proposal will appear as unique measures in the cities listed above.

These measures need 51% YES votes to pass!
Learn more about Yes on these Measures


Allies and Partnerships

MidPen staff members have board seats on and/or otherwise work with and support the following organizations. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn how you can get involved.