Elisa (deLaet) Jagerson

DirectorGeneral Partner, Wildcat Ventures
“Affordable housing is a centerpiece of any vibrant community with a healthy economy.  MidPen’s deep and scaled expertise in affordable and supportive housing development is an extraordinary asset for our region, and I am honored to support the team in their essential work.”

An expert in innovation, Elisa serves on MidPen’s Board of Directors. She joined in 2018. As General Partner at Wildcat Ventures, Elisa focuses on investments in solutions to address the Future of Work and ClimateTech. Her specific areas of interest include SaaS and Machine Learning (ML) enabled platforms that create disruptive levels of foresight into a future perceived to be unpredictable. Previously, she served as CEO of FutureBrand Speck, best known for driving product and service innovation to both market disrupters and industry leaders.

She lectures at Stanford University and speaks regularly at innovation summits such as CES, SXSW, DENT and TNW, advancing more rigorous paradigms for innovation and growth. She is currently writing a book exploring decision-making in innovative environments titled, “How do you know?”

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