Property Management

Main Street Village. Copyright 2011 Craig Cozart Photography.

Main Street Village – family and special needs housing in Fremont

Maintaining the Award-Winning Quality of Our Communities

To maintain the high quality of our properties, MidPen Housing established an affiliated management company in 1981. Today, MidPen Property Management Corporation manages over 7,200 units at 103 properties in ten counties from Fairfield to Monterey. Our seasoned leadership team provides extensive experience in all aspects critical to property management including compliance, operations, training, facility maintenance and community relations.

Making Good Neighbors

MidPen Management strives to ensure that every community we manage benefits both our residents and the surrounding neighborhood. We take pride in keeping our communities safe, beautiful, and well maintained.

Paulson Park – senior housing in Mountain View

Paulson Park – senior housing in Mountain View

Ensuring Sustainability

We are committed to sustainable operations and maintenance practices. This includes retrofitting buildings to improve performance, energy efficiencies, water conservation and indoor air quality. We use green cleaning products and train our residents on environmentally-friendly practices.

Managing a Diverse Portfolio

We have expertise in managing a wide variety of property types and sizes – from large, multi-family properties to downtown, mixed-use developments to rural housing for farm workers to supportive housing for special needs populations.