What We Do

We build communities that change lives and revitalize neighborhoods.

Our vision for the future is clear. We work every day to create a world where everyone has a quality home they can afford and equitable access to opportunity. A home where they can prosper, advance their well-being and give back to their communities.

Collaboration is core to our belief system. We work closely with partners from across 12 counties to respond to whatever their needs or priorities may be. Our goal is to develop communities which enhance cities and catalyze growth and opportunity for residents. 

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Three Companies. One Mission.

MidPen operates through distinct non-profit companies that work closely together to further our mission:

MidPen Housing

MidPen Housing drives operations and all development efforts which include: property acquisition, planning, design, construction, renovation and existing property rehabilitation.

MidPen Property Management

MidPen Property Management provides professional property management for all of our communities.

MidPen Services

MidPen Services offers and coordinates robust onsite support programs to help our residents advance their well-being.

A Theory of Change

MidPen’s five-year strategic plan aims to solve the unprecedented housing affordability crisis in our region, a crisis exacerbated by growing inequity that is tearing at the fabric of communities, displacing vulnerable people, and threatening the vitality and diversity of our region. Read more >>

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