Empowering MidPen’s residents to be successfully housed and self-sufficient

MidPen Resident Services Corporation operates as a separate 501c3 organization that helps more than 20,000 MidPen residents each year and is nationally recognized for program quality and innovation at the intersection of affordable housing, education, health, and economic development. We invest in residents’ successes by attracting and retaining a talented and mission-driven team of employees. We engage with vital community partners – including health care service professionals, mental health case managers, and food donation program organizers – who extend the depth and breadth of MidPen’s impact. We inspire the thousands of people who call MidPen home to see what’s possible.

With the stability of housing, residents envision change and seek opportunities

Economic Mobility

Through financial capabilities programming and education, residents are empowered to set short- and long-term financial goals like increased savings, retirement plans, educational attainment, and career advancement.

Mentally and Physically Healthy Lives

With opportunities for meaningful social engagement, access to high-quality healthcare screenings onsite, and better diet and exercise through instructor-led classes, residents lower their stress, improve their physical and mental health, and feel enthusiastic about their ability to live a purposeful life.

Educational Opportunity

Outstanding educational programs and support for grade- and high-school students offer expanded options for career development and lifelong earnings.

MidPen Services provides the tools for these opportunities

We listen to, value, and respect residents’ goals.​
We provide access to best-in-class partners and evidence-based, in-house programs.
We offer ongoing connection points to reinforce along the way.

Hear from MidPen residents