Hua Fang

Assistant Development Controller
“MidPen has truly embedded ICARE values with diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the company culture. I’m privileged to be part of this culture and I am motivated to support each other in the journey to fulfill company’s mission.”

Hua Fang joined MidPen Housing in 2007. She works with her team to provide full accounting services throughout the whole lifecycle of the development project from its feasibility phase, construction, lease up, and initial operations.  

Hua appreciates opportunities her work provides to be part of a great team, understanding different departments’ business functions and needs, supporting their work, implementing new ideas, and solving challenges together. 

 When not at work, Hua likes to experiment in the kitchen preparing healthy food that tastes great, thanks to her self-modified recipes.  She also enjoys reading and listening to books about eastern and western cultures. 

Fun Fact