Joanna Carman

Senior Vice President, Co-Head of Housing Development
Tricky rehabs, complicated entitlements, layered lease ups – I am inspired every day by the way my colleagues from across the organization come together to bring joy to our work and find a solution to every development problem for the sake of our residents.

Joanna was named Senior Vice President, Co-Head of Housing Development in 2024. In this new role, she shares executive oversight of MidPen’s team of more than 50 development professionals who are advancing a pipeline of 5,000 affordable homes, including nearly 1,500 currently under construction.

Joanna joined MidPen in 2019 as the Director of Housing Development, where she supervised a team that handles all aspects of real estate development for MidPen in the Central Coast region, including project finance, building design, and construction. Under Joanna’s leadership, the team advanced innovative developments and expanded our impact in the region. She enjoys working collaboratively with City and County partners to bring more affordable housing and resources to their communities.

Outside of work, Joanna enjoys time with her family, hiking with her dog, and her early-morning crossword puzzles.

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