Latasha Reed

Associate Director of Property Operations
The mission of Midpen resonates deeply with me due to its commitment to enriching lives through the provision of stable housing and essential resources aimed at fostering success. I find MidPen’s dedication to this mission particularly inspiring as it goes beyond merely providing shelter, extending to empowering individuals with the tools and support necessary for long-term well-being. Recognizing the tangible difference they make in communities fuels my motivation to leverage my expertise and experience to further advance their noble cause.

Latasha returned to MidPen in May 2024 as Associate Director of Property Operations after working for a variety of housing providers.

Throughout her career, Latasha has accrued valuable experience serving various housing providers, spanning both expansive corporations and smaller enterprises.  As Regional Property Manager at Greystar, she cultivated constructive rapport with ownership entities, adeptly revitalizing distressed properties and augmenting cash inflow.  Prior to working at Greystar, Latasha was the Director of Housing at Alameda Point Collaborative. In this role she oversaw operations for the largest supportive housing provider in Alameda County, in which 41% of the residents were under the age of 18.

The most rewarding aspect of Latasha’s career lies in the opportunity to contribute to the communities from which she originates. Working in tandem with a company that shares her vision of what constitutes safe and affordable housing further enhances this gratifying experience.

When not at work, Latasha enjoys tending to her plants and spending time with her grandchildren.

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