Pia Frutos Walker

Director of Partnership and Program Development
“I started as a Services Coordinator in the Watsonville area – and my connection with the mission at the moment was with the residents; I deeply and immediately saw the impact that our programming had on youth and families. As I moved through various positions in Services, I began to see that the mission broadened to include my peers and co-workers: we were all responsible for providing each other with opportunities to thrive, and as we grew as individuals, our continued passion and impact was shared with residents as well.”

Pia’s work is centered around creating collaboration and teamwork, coaching peers and staff to work off of their strengths, and creating a supportive environment where the team succeeds. Her role focuses primarily on program design and partnership frameworks, where she works with peers to design tools that are implemented by the Services staff, which result in impactful programming for residents and communities. 
The success of Pia’s position relies heavily on collaboration – both with a multitude of Services peers as well as co-workers throughout the MidPen corporation (asset management, HR, legal, IT, accounting, and office management). She thrives on working with different people on every project that she takes on, which allows her to learn from others and understand different perspectives, priorities, and interests. 
You may find Pia at an off-the-main street coffee shop, reading a book, people watching, and journaling her inquisitive thoughts, or sitting by a body of water (ocean or river).

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