Tracking the trendlines in affordable housing with top nonprofit developers

San Francisco Business Times checks in with two of the of the Bay Area’s largest nonprofit developers who have been tackling the crisis for years. Here’s what they think are the tailwinds, headwinds and biggest stories of building affordable housing right now along with their organizations’ notable projects.

Letter to the Editor: Make housing a priority

Regarding “Politics could gut housing funds” (Editorial, Oct. 27): The Build Back Better legislation making its way through Congress is an opportunity for the federal government to get it right on affordable housing and homelessness. At stake is the creation of 2 million affordable homes over 10 years, including 330,000 in California.

It’s time to rethink government housing

The idea of government housing, or at least government-assisted housing at scale, needs to be explored again. It’s been done piecemeal when possible but, with more resources, it can be done well and at low overall cost.