Lives at Firehouse Square in Belmont.

After a long, challenging journey, a resilient mother and her daughter thrive in their new home.
Firehouse Square Grand Opening May 16, 2023

In her own words: 

Good morning. My name is Alexandria. I’m a single mother of a wonderful 18-month-old daughter named Annaliese, and a proud Firehouse Square resident. 

Living at Firehouse Square provides the foundation I wanted and needed in my life.  

I grew up surrounded by family addiction and I’ve had had drug issues, but I’m 2 years sober, and that is because I had a willingness to change my life. I had to, because I was pregnant with my daughter.  

My journey during pregnancy and in the first year of my daughter’s life was challenging but I persevered. I was kicked out of my dad’s house in San Mateo, I was in an abusive relationship and homeless, and staying in hotels while living out of a storage unit. It was no way to bring my child into this world. 

When my daughter was born, I connected with CORA in San Mateo – Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse – and we received temporary shelter and a case manager who helped get me on several housing lists. I knew I needed help and even though I stumbled from time to time, it was my goal to get mental health therapy and housing. I had to advocate for myself and my daughter. 

We then moved into a LifeMoves shelter in Daly City, and that is when everything started blossoming. Although it was also temporary, it felt more private and it was truly the first time I felt like I was achieving the goals I set out as a mom and person in recovery. I was still applying for housing where I could, but it was so challenging. Nothing was available, nothing was affordable. I put my name on the Firehouse Square list just like any other. 

I remember the day I received the email that I had been selected to interview for a Firehouse Square apartment. I ran into the LifeMoves office and was so excited – “I’ve been selected!! I don’t know what this means but it seems good!” and they said, “yes!” LifeMoves helped me move through the lease up process as a first-time renter and encouraged me not to give up. I made it through.  

I received my apartment keys in late November, and I hosted Thanksgiving with family. Even with nothing really furnished in the apartment, I felt like I had everything.   

Living at Firehouse Square has been the biggest impact on my life. I want to be a good example for my daughter, and having a beautiful, affordable and permanent home that’s ours is helping so much to change our lives. I’ve been able to put her in daycare, and I have goals to start working again and go to school. I had a hectic life before Annaliese, and now, Firehouse Square is her safe place. She is bright, social, and she knows this is her home. I know this is our home. 

Thank you for making this possible.