Brenda L.

Lives at Century Village in Fremont.

Moving to affordable housing and utilizing onsite services allows a single mother to pursue her culinary career.
Brenda's participation in Resident Services helped her achieve her goal of attending culinary school.

A hardworking single mother, Brenda was born and raised in Fremont and has lived in the area for much of her life – enjoying its good schools, having her extended family close by, and taking pride in the sense of community. However, when she went through a tumultuous divorce, Brenda and her four children found themselves without a home and a primary source of income.

Brenda and her children were able to move in with her parents, but seven people living in a 1-bedroom apartment was cramped and a strain on everyone. After securing a job with Kaiser Permanente, Brenda took the next steps to search for an apartment, but finding a high-quality affordable home was a challenge. Hopeful, she put in an application to Century Village – and everything changed for her family when they received the keys to their apartment.

The family now lives comfortably in a newly renovated home that is safe, close to family, and in the community they know well. But the greatest change is in their quality of life; Brenda and her children both take part in onsite Resident Services that have helped them tremendously. Her teenage children participate in college-prep programs and have begun to think about their post-high school education; and her six-year-old twins will soon enough participate in Century Village’s After School Program. For Brenda, utilizing Resident Services has changed her life. She participated in vocational and job training seminars, and received a grant towards her professional development. With the tools and resources to achieve her dreams, Brenda attended culinary school and earned a Pastry Chef certificate. She is now equipped to pursue her dream career, something that was once entirely out of reach.

“I was thrilled when we moved to a home that we could call our own, but being able to use these programs and services gave our family so many opportunities dream bigger and meet our goals,” says Brenda. “It’s all been a blessing!”