Dolores D.

Lives at Alma Point at Foster Square in Foster City.

A senior gains hope and a chance to heal thanks to affordable housing.
Dolores calls Alma Point at Foster Square home.

Dolores is a proud mother and grandmother, and a longtime Foster City resident. The day she learned she was accepted to move into Alma Point at Foster Square, an affordable community for seniors in Foster City, should have been a joyous occasion. However, that call was followed by a call of a different nature. Dolores was diagnosed with cancer.

With these two moments back-to-back, Dolores didn’t know if she should be dancing on the ceiling with joy, or falling to her knees in grief. Dolores did a little of both – she moved forward and began her cancer treatment while she also moved into her new apartment at Alma Point.

Even before she found out about her cancer, Dolores wanted to live at Alma Point. Dolores had lived with her daughter, son-in-law, and four of her grandchildren in Foster City for 25 years after her husband had passed away. The need for her own space was growing greater, yet she wanted to stay in the community she has come to know and needed something affordable.

Being diagnosed with cancer did not stop Dolores from wanting independence and a place to call her own – in fact, it made it more important than ever. Dolores wanted to live in her sanctuary where she could concentrate on her treatment and be a part of a community that is intentionally focused on seniors and their well-being.

“For me, moving to Alma Point represents the hope I had when I made the move out on my own, and now, the hope I have that I can beat this cancer,” Dolores shared. “And I am not planning on going anywhere – this is my home!”