Paloma C.

Lives at Sunny Meadows in Watsonville.

A teen reaches her goal to attend college, thanks to a safe, permanent, and newly renovated affordable home.
Paloma is on her way to college, thanks in part to the stability affordable housing provides.

Paloma is 18 years old and a high school senior. She will be the first person in her family to graduate from high school. And, in the fall, Paloma is achieving her goal of going to college. She’ll be attending a university in Indiana.

“I got to dream big as a kid, in part because my family never had to worry about losing the roof over our heads,” Paloma notes. She’s lived at Sunny Meadows in Watsonville her entire life.

Her father works at a local factory, which is a stable – but not very high paying – job, so the family feels lucky to be able to afford the rent at at such a nice community. In 2013, Sunny Meadows went through an extensive rehabilitation. Paloma and her family returned to their “new” apartment, delighted to see new windows, new floors, energy-efficient features, and a fully renovated kitchen. Paloma even has her own room for the very first time!

Paloma always believed she would graduated high school and go to college, with hard work and hope. Her parents encouraged her even though they could not help her with her advancing studies, and Sunny Meadows’ onsite services, including the After School Program, gave her the extra boost she needed to do well in school.

Now that Paloma’s chosen a university, she’s looking forward to new experiences like taking art classes, studying abroad, and learning a third language. She wants to study International Relations and hopes to work for the UN or become a diplomat someday.

“It all started with the opportunity to live here at Sunny Meadows,” Paloma shared at the Grand Re-Opening event. “I love living here and it’s helped me and my family achieve all that we have today.”