Steve and Carma

Live at Half Moon Village in Half Moon Bay.

A longtime senior resident can continue to live in the town he loves thanks to affordable housing.
Steve and Carma look forward to their golden years in an affordable home.

Steve and Carma have lived for the past 30 years in Half Moon Bay and the last 40 years in the Bay Area.

Steve had his own business doing custom cabinetry, and also worked for an AT&T subsidiary since 1999. During the 2008 financial crisis, the company downsized and he was forced into early retirement. On his wife’s salary alone, it was hard to make ends meet, especially as their landlord raised the rent by $400 in one year.

Steve has a lot of ties in Half Moon Bay, and he didn’t want to leave the Bay Area when faced with having to move. Especially dear to him is the non-profit work he does with Indo Jax Charities, a surfing school for children with special needs that has camps in Half Moon Bay and around the world.

Steve’s wife Carma actually knew about Half Moon Village because her late mother lived in the original Half Moon Village about five years ago. Carma’s mother passed before the re-development of Half Moon Village, but her mother’s partner lives in Half Moon Village Phase 1. When Phase 2 started, Steve and Carma put their names on the wait list and lived month-to-month as their savings dwindled.

Steve was thrilled when he got the call that they could move into their apartment, and he loves the community at Half Moon Village. “Living affordably in such a great community, still in the town that I love has allowed me to put all my efforts into Indo Jax Charities, Steve points out. “And it’s a comfort to know that as I age and need more supportive services, they’re just steps away.”

Steve sees himself calling Half Moon Village home for the rest of his life.