Video: How do we accelerate housing?

Last year, Governor Gavin Newsom and the CA State Legislature invested $1.75B in the California Housing Accelerator. Learn why these investments work, how additional investments are vital to confronting the state's housing and homelessness crisis, and what we can do to help create more housing for those who need it most.
April 25, 2022

Thank you Governor Gavin Newsom and the CA State Legislature for confronting the state’s housing and homelessness crisis head on – starting with 2021’s California Comeback Plan which included $12B to help tens of thousands of people off the streets and invest in our permanent affordable housing infrastructure. Part of this historic investment was $1.75B for the California Housing Accelerator, which fast tracks stalled housing projects that are not just entitled, but shovel ready

Why does this matter? Deeply affordable homes have hit a roadblock. They don’t have enough funding to begin construction.

How does this help? We know housing solutions work when they are funded. The California Housing Accelerator will fund 90 shovel-ready projects, creating more than 7,000 affordable homes.

In early 2022, MidPen was awarded funds to begin construction on two developments: Foon Lok East in Oakland and Mahonia Glen in Santa Rosa. And true to its name, the accelerator is accelerating impact – we’re putting shovels to the ground and beginning construction in just a few short months!

These investments work. We’re calling upon Governor Gavin Newsom and the CA State Legislature to build upon this success with an additional $5 billion in 2022 for the California Housing Accelerator and/or the State’s Multifamily Housing Program. Help us create housing for those who need it most.