Jayshree Bhakta

Assistant Controller – Property
“Affordable housing is essential for meeting some of the most basic human needs, including shelter, safety, health, and stability. It is not only a matter of individual well-being but also a critical component of building strong, inclusive, and prosperous communities. Working for MidPen, I feel proud and privileged that I got an opportunity to make my contribution towards this greater goal.”

Jayshree joined MidPen in 2021 and oversees the Property Accounting Team.  She is responsible for managing accounting processes for stabilized properties, including annual financial statement audits. Collaborating closely with Property Accounting Managers, Jayshree consistently drives innovation in operations implementing new software solutions to automate repetitive tasks, enhancing accuracy, and enabling scalability.

Prior to joining MidPen, Jayshree spent 13 years as an Audit Manager at Lindquist, von Husen and Joyce where she worked on audits of non-profit service organizations and housing developers, affordable housing properties, including cost certification audits.

In almost two years with MidPen, Jayshree is proud of the changes she has brought to the way the team does property accounting, with increased focus on accuracy and efficiency.

The most fulfilling aspect of her job is the realization that the support provided by the Accounting team to other departments ultimately translates into meeting the basic housing needs of low-income residents.

Outside of work, Jayshree enjoys yoga, hiking, spending time with her family and also reading. Historical fiction and biographical non-fiction are her favorites.  She also loves visiting national, state and regional parks would rather visit Yosemite and Yellowstone multiple times compared to visiting a new city.

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