Laurie Santos-Reguera

Director of Human Resources
“Believing that housing is a fundamental right, I am proud to work for an organization that not only is an advocate but is making a real difference in creating affordable homes in our twelve counties.”

Laurie’s three main areas of responsibilities are Streamlining HR Operations, HRBP, oversee Office Management, all which require great communication and relationship building with all MidPenners, and she’s been doing this for 16+ years. Prior to that, a Controller in San Mateo County serving families in need.

A proud moment for Laurie was collaborating on the development of a comprehensive set of streamlined forms to enhance HR processes and efficiency. By closely working with cross-functional teams and understanding the unique needs of various HR functions, she crafted user-friendly forms that simplified data collection, minimized redundancies, and ensured compliance with regulatory requirements.  Seeing these forms in action, Laurie has witnessed a significant reduction in manual data entry and a remarkable increase in accuracy. Since then, the HR team has been able to focus more on strategic initiatives and employee engagement, as administrative burdens were lifted. Moreover, the increased consistency in data enabled more insightful analytics and reports, aiding decision-making at all levels.  This accomplishment underscored the power of collaboration and innovation in HR operations. It not only optimized processes but also exemplified the commitment to staying agile and creating a workplace that values efficiency and excellence.

The most rewarding aspect of being the Director of HR Ops is the privilege to make a meaningful difference in both the lives of MidPen employees and the overall health of the organization. Guiding the workforce through challenges, enabling their growth, and contributing to a workplace where everyone can thrive – these are the moments that constantly remind Laurie of the importance and fulfillment of her role.

When Laurie is not at work, she likes to explore local history, culture, that includes enjoying neighborhood restaurants, art and music.

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