Eugene B.

Lives at Laguna Commons in Fremont.

Affordable, supportive housing helps a US Coast Guard veteran and single father turns his life around.
Eugene is turning his life around, thanks in part to having a home at Laguna Commons.

For veteran and single father Eugene, living at Laguna Commons has provided him with the opportunity to put addiction and homelessness in the rearview mirror.

Eugene had served for four years in the US Coast Guard, stationed all over the world before leaving with an honorable discharge. After his service, Eugene entered the workforce as a mechanic, and soon after, became a husband, father, and homeowner.

However, addiction came into his life as well, when started to use drugs. As an addict, Eugene lost his job, his wife, his home, his family, and his self-worth. Worst of all, he lost custody of his 5-year-old son.

That’s when Eugene decided to turn his life around. His biggest goal was to regain custody of his son and become the parent he always intended to be. Eugene accepted that he couldn’t do it alone, and sought help by entering a drug diversion program. He also got connected with the VA office and received a referral for Laguna Commons.

Now with stable, supportive, affordable housing, Eugene is able to work with onsite staff who offer services that help him stay on track with his goals. They help Eugene better his life, remain clean and sober, and work toward full-time employment. Eugene can also foster the safe, caring environment that is necessary to reunite him with his son, his ultimate goal.

“Working toward that goal is possible because I’m living in an affordable supportive community like this. It’s helped me turn my life around,” Eugene said at the Grand Opening. “Laguna Commons provided me housing first, and that gave me the chance to do what I do best: fixing things.”