(Rebuilding Existing Supportive Housing at Alameda Point)

RESHAP (Rebuilding Existing Supportive Housing at Alameda Point) is a catalytic development that will deliver quality affordable housing combined with supportive services for people who have experienced homelessness or trauma. 

RESHAP is a partnership between 
Alameda Point Collaborative (APC), Operation Dignity, and Building Futures–collectively known as the Collaborating Partners–along with MidPen Housing and the City of Alameda.  

The RESHAP campus, located at the former Alameda Naval Air Station on 7.93 acres of land currently owned by the City of Alameda, will include:

  • 332 deeply affordable homes with supportive services for families, veterans, survivors of domestic violence, and people who have experienced or are at-risk of homelessness; 201 of the homes will replace distressed, former military housing that was repurposed as permanent supportive housing over two decades ago   
  • After-school and youth program spaces and programming
  • A state-of-the-art family shelter
  • A domestic violence Center for Hope and Healing
  • A one-stop workforce development center in a new community “Barn” adjacent to an urban farm 

In 2007, the Collaborating Partners began to envision and plan for the rebuilding of the existing, deteriorating housing, plus increasing the number of homes to address the growing need for affordable housing. In 2014, they brought on MidPen as their development partner, with 
David Baker Architects subsequently brought on as the project architect. In designing the trauma-informed RESHAP campus, the team has worked closely with current residents to seek their input and vision for a community of healing and dignity. RESHAP is also a key component of the City of Alameda’s Main Street Neighborhood Specific Plan, which will transform a neighborhood blighted by abandoned buildings into a vibrant and active mixed-use community.

In 2023, the team secured a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) with the City of Alameda and land-use approvals for the project. In early 2024, in collaboration with a master developer, the City of Alameda is expected to begin installing the backbone infrastructure that is necessary for RESHAP to move forward. At the same time, MidPen and the Collaborating Partners will begin applying for funding to construct the permanent supportive housing, as well as additional sources of funding for the unique community and economic development components of the RESHAP community.