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Bill and Amendment Support Letters

This year, the need to reform and invest in housing infrastructure is more pressing than ever. MidPen has taken a support position on several bills, advocating for important legislative changes to shift the affordable housing landscape in the Bay Area, working toward the common goal of safe, affordable housing for all. 

Promoting policies that increase affordable housing opportunities

The need for affordable housing is greater than ever.  When MidPen opens a new community we commonly receive well over 1,000 applications for each 50 homes. This means there are still thousands of working families, seniors and individuals with supportive housing needs living in substandard housing or left without money for other necessities after paying their rent. We are committed to narrowing the gap between the supply of quality affordable housing and the need for it. We work with local, state and national leaders in both the public and private sectors to promote policies that increase affordable housing opportunities for the people who need them. At all levels of our organization, MidPen supports and actively participates in the efforts of leading advocacy groups. MidPen’s leadership sit on the boards of regional, state and national organizations that drive legislation and regulations in support of affordable housing. They are often called on to testify or provide expert advice on issues related to affordable housing development policy and public funding.

MidPen Housing’s 2023 Legislative Priorities

MidPen housing works diligently with our partners to support proven affordable housing solutions. For the 2023 California legislative session, MidPen will support the following Bills and Constitutional Amendments.

MidPen opposes the following Bills and Constitutional Amendments: